10 April, 2017


I would like to see where we can just check "all at once" any of our Art or our Favorites etc and be able to delete them. Now we have to do one at a time and relocate where we were. It's a pain. To be able to check all we want to at one time and delete them would be a great help.

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Yury Yanin 11 Apr 2017

Dear Joanie,

I'd love to vote up your idea, but first delete, please, your other 2 posts, because you posted the same idea and text 2 times and I don't know where to vote. Second, I'd rather read some more explanations as why and for what do you want to delete several pieces of your art or all of your favorites? Do you want to reorder your gallery or to close your account?

Joanie Holliday 11 Apr 2017

Only wrote it once. Why 3 times, I don't know. And can't delete the other two either. No to reorder or close account. Just delete some pictures in my portfolio I don't want there any more, also some in my favorites as it's getting so full. Understand now? Hope so. Thank you.

ArtWanted.com Staff 11 Apr 2017

We have removed the duplicates. We will also look into why multiple ideas were duplicated.

Yury Yanin 12 Apr 2017

Thank you both for deleting extra posts and for explanations.

1.I recall that I also made double posts a couple of times just clicking my mouse many times inaccurately. It is too bad if the author of any post really can not edit or delete his (her) own posts. So the additional idea is to give AW members more tools for operating their texts and to delete extra initial posts in discussion and idea boards.

2. When the AW staff made the new design for this site, I deleted the majority of artworks from my portfolio. Do not remember for sure, but probably I had to delete them one by one and it was not much of a problem for me. May be for AW members who have a lot of artworks in their portfolios it is not that easy. May be for them it is really more convenient to mark all pieces, which they want to delete, and then delete all of them at once. For this case I am voting up this idea.

Joanie Holliday 12 Apr 2017

Thank you