13 March, 2017

Re: Top Ten

Back a few years ago ArtWanted had a running daily/weekly Top Ten art contest. Suddenly it ended, which was too bad because....... Art Wanted awarded a Top Ten list for all categories of art and artist daily and then a weekly Top Ten list in all categories as well.. It excited interest, inspired all us artists to submit more art and it created a huge in house social network between all us members at ArtWanted. It was an excellent way to have your art commented on by fellow artist and an excellent way to get your art viewed. I know that when it was stopped my views pommeled and so did enthusiasm. Personally, myself and many thought it was a mistake to have taken that away. PS We artists did not have to personally submit our art to the Top Ten it was just automatic by posting new art in our portfolios. Thanks for reading my post. Chuck Vest www.ArtWanted.com/hellbent

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Yury Yanin 25 Apr 2017

Seems former AW staff in their better days were very effective in promoting artworks. I recon one more feature of the old AW web site design. Artworks of new members were shown on the home page and received a great exposure. As a new member I had more then 100 visits to each of my artworks in my first days on AW. They rejected that feature too when making the new (current) AW design.

Nevertheless I will say again about the staff – they know better. Such features need a time consuming job. We do not know what time they can spend for it and how many of them can do that job every day. We should be happy that someone is now alive there in the staff and makes something for us, after a long time of total neglect for this site. Is there any way to make that job easier for that someone and to help him (or her)? May be there could be some program, which could put certain images onto the home page automatically. Let there be, for example, artworks – winners of the current contests, several artworks, chosen by the staff, artworks, favorites by AW members, artworks of new members, etc.

You see – my attitude to this idea is rather vague, I have some doubts… and I’d prefer to vote this idea up or down after the staff reply, because all that depends on their plans, wishes, capabilities and decisions.

...And Chuck, the image, accompanying your past, is truly outstanding and very funny!!! Thank you for sharing!