10 March, 2017

New to fully Digital Art

I have been doing psuedo-digital artwork for years, just using programs to instantly turn one of my own paintings into a ditalized painting--watercolor, oil, impressionist, surrealistic, airbrush etc or posterized version of my own photo of an actual painting. I never attempted until now to actually do a fresh start and compose and "draw" and "paint" something from scratch on the computer. Until now. I really liked some of the stuff I came up with before, but doing it like I am trying out now was daunting to me. It is not really easy though there are some advantages, such as unlimited erases and with a good program as I have a lot of choices and mixing colors couldnt be easier and you can save a color forever too. But actually composing and painting are not easier at least not for me. Right now I am definately at a disadvantage though as I am painting with a mouse not a stylys...I need to buy a graphics pad and set of styluses. Which I will but cant afford atm. So not letting that stop me from starting to learn how to blend and compose with my mouse...it will get easier once I get a good graphics pad and stylus' set. So here is what I worked on today it is not a painting I am doing...I call her Practice Paint 01a cause I am just practicing adding colors over paint, blending, composing lines (not easy with a mouse when you use your mouse backwards but dont normally paint backwards and I cant for the life of me use a mouse unless the darn thing is upside down I prefer to move it left when I wish to go right and I think is because of a stroke I had when I was forty years old. So there is not I can do about that but again once I get my stylus I think that will solve this problem...I cant hardly paint with the stylus upsidedown now can I? Well dont answer cause I might find a way....Anyway, I had to work several hours to do this small amount of work but I can see that it is doable and I am quite pleased.

Now to tell you why I have a need to go digital....I am faced with ever failing health and I fear my days of living independ will not be forever and I worry that if I have to go to an adult family (preferable to a nursing home definitely so hopefully one of them or an assisted living)...anyway, it will be hard to find one that will allow an old feeble frail woman to paint on their carpet with real acrylic paint. Most of those places are more business than family so they wont really care if painting is very important to my mental health and almost really a need for me rather just labeled a hobby as is superfluous activity...it is more like breathing and eating...but moslty people dont see that or care if they are in it only for the buck, which it is very sad that people are now exploiting the sick and the elderly for profit rather than providing compassionate care just because it is something a society should do for those who need it....instead, business people vie for our healthcare insurance dollars and care nothing about the care they are providing us. So be it, I must live with that and so shall all of you if it does not change before you hit your frail years....but in the meantime, I need to be able to express myself artistically and not be stifled until hopefully I rest my hands above my chest and am placed back into the womb of our Mother Earth to return to my Creator. And I hope the same for all of you. For being an artist is more than a job or a hobby....being an artist is a way of just BEING...it is who we are. When a person works for Safeway or McDonalds or Seatac Airport or even the CIA (G-d forgive them) that job does not define who they are as a person...and build model airplanes does not so much either, or crocheting blankets....some of those hobbies say something about our personalities but they do not desribe much detail about who we are but if we are an artist that paints...the actually painting is a vehicle of our creativity..it does not so much count...being an artist is a primal way of being, more than just a job or hobby....an artist is one who like G-d, creates from scratch...Where G-d creates life, we artists created visual reprehentation of that life but it is created none the less much the same...it is created from within ourselves and is created from scratch. An artist who much look at pictures to create a painting is not an artist..they are a painter, maybe a very good painter but a real artist has the pictures within herself or himself. I may not be the best or most skilled painter in the world...my eyesight is dim and my hands are arthritic for one...but I am a real artist..I never need a prompt from a photo or an event to give me something to paint. I need only pause and search inside myself and an image will almost always come unless I am very depressed. My thoughts as to where these images actually come from...I believe like Karl Jung in what he called the Collective Unconsious. I believe in my case I tap into a collect consciousness of my Jewish people, all the Jews who were ever born, who live today and who will ever be born...all of their thoughts within or connected to this pool and when I pause and dive deep within myself I find myself within this poor and I am able to glean images there from which I paint. I think perhaps an artist means we can access this pool a bit easier than non-artists and I think we painters are not the only artists who tap into it--scultures, poets, writers...all artrists may find themselves tapping deeper into it perhaps than average non-artists but anyone at all can tap into it if they can dive deep enough within themselves. It is perhaps also the source of the Wise Woman, our wisdom--our intuition--may eminate from there. Who knows. These are only my speculations. I cannot know if I am right or wrong.



Adelle John 10 Mar 2017

Just to give an idea this is the type of instant artist like digital work I did before which was dependent on a real painting I had done previously

Yury Yanin 11 Mar 2017

Dear Adelle, You may like to try software called “My Paint” for a beginning. It is a free download. You will easily find it by the Google search. It allows digital colors to be used almost as real paints and gives a good digital imitation of traditional tools – brushes, pens and pencils, charcoal, etc. You may try it with a mouse on your computer and then to decide about other tools. Certainly, it is difficult to operate such programs with mouse. Several years ago I bought the cheapest “Genius” graphic pad made in China. They call it G-Pen 340 Pen Tablet. I like this device and it is enough for me, because I use it as an addition to other devices and software. May be you will want a better and more expensive device, but it worth to try first the cheapest one together with “My Paint” software. May be it is the cheapest way to begin with. Hope this experience will help you. Right now I have not found any of my artworks, made digitaly by hand only, I attach image made with Adobe Photoshop, Paint Net, My Paint software and corrected with Pen tablet.

Adelle John 11 Mar 2017

Thank you so much for the helpful advice. I will look up the paint program and also look into the graphics pad. This will be very helpful, both. Sometimes is good to start out cheaper as you get an idea of just what you need in a program by actually doing the work...and if I use cheaper software and tools to begin with I will learn what I need and then be able to shop more expensive programs and tools with some knowledge of what I am wanting and needing from them and not waste money purchasing tools that either are not what I want or dont include things I need and want in the package. Also, just right now until I move into a cheaper apartment which I am right up at top of list for, I need do cheap as I just cant afford anything more than cheap....Living in a Hotel atm, waiting for an apartment in public housing. So I will go google the program now...ty again. Nice work btw, I love the matching eyes! Adinah

Adelle John 12 Mar 2017

I downloaded My Paint and did this painting on it. I like it but I dont like that I cant seem to come up with a way to make my projects turn out being large files....I like to end up with a file like at least 6mb and even 10 or more megabites is really good. I got like 300 kbs and I cant do anything with that. So I am going back to my own program the full version of ArtRage. And I have ArtRage Oils on my Kindle Fire too and can use a stylus on that one. I am going ot practice doing them on the kindle fire for that reason once I find the stupid stylus for that it is here in my room somewhere. I am looking forward to getting a graphics pad and will look into the one you specified prevously. Both ArtRage and My Paint are similar, well each has its own way of presenting the brushes etc but they both offer choices. I think My Paint offers more choices maybe but limiting the size of the finished product is really not ok and I could not see a way like in ArtRage to make the finish product end up being a large file withou just making it bigger in paint afterwards which really is not ok as the image will be blurry or at least not optimal for printing. Anyway , ty. I did try it. And got this....with only my mouse, no stylus and boy is it hard to do a straight line with just a mouse...

Yury Yanin 13 Mar 2017

I like your painting!

Well... I first tried My Paint for drawing fron a blank list long ago and yes I recall that the resulted files were rather small... I also remember that I experimented enlarging files resulting from My Paint, but I am not sure that the quality of the enlarged images was good enough. However, now I often use My paint as one of multiple software and often work with it on ready made large files (sometimes my comp operates too slow wity very large files). My main software is Adobe photoshop, I also use GIMP, Paint Net, My Paint... and many other sofware for fractals etc. I believe, it is possible to find free downloads of GIMP and Paint Net too - they can provide interesting effects too and each one of them has its own advantages when you want them, but may be they are mostly for working with photos and ready made images.... By the way, you may find many additional free plug ins (brushes) for My Paint in the Internet.

Adelle John 13 Mar 2017

Ty for your help...and I found within the program a way to easily draw a straight line with the mouse...just need to use that command and click once where the line starts and again where it ends...and you also can click as many times as you want in between so you can make any geometric shape as well. Also seems to have circle makers but have not tried them yet. Well kind of used them by accident with the trunks of the trees but "hid" the other side of the circle behind the trunk as I was just wanting straight lines when I found that part. Found the lines later. There is a lot to all the programs and you need to sit down for a few hours or more just seeing and experimenting with what is there for you....Nice...I always feel like a child on Hanukkah evenings when I get to try out new programs and features on my computer...being a grown up little girl all my life and a veritalbe Geek ;) Anyway, thank you you have been most helpful. And I do the programs with photos as well...some of my best prints are made that way....here is one I like I did recently:

rosemary gioielli 13 Mar 2017

Hi Adelle, I really like your thoughts on collective conscience and dipping into the pool. I love digital painting and composition. There is a free program you can download called GIMP. It has some of the tools and features of Photoshop. These programs can be difficult to learn, but trial and error doesn't hurt. You can also find tutorials on you tube, and there's LYDIA which has tons of tutorials and a free trial. I don't like using a stylus and actually prefer the mouse, but that's not the popular opinion I guess. It just takes practice. I wish you the best my dear.

Crazycatz9 09 Apr 2017

yes digital art is allot less messy

Adelle John 09 Apr 2017

nice, she is adorable! I was needing something like that where I just previously was living, in a tiny hotel room. Now I am in my own nice 1 bedroom apartment, handicapped accessible so the counters and sinks etc are all lower down for me to use with my wheelchair. Which is great for clean-up of paint dishes and brushes btw as well as cooking prep for noshing while I work.... So grateful for a nice place to paint I got out one of the acrylics I was working on but I will continue to work on the digital as I never know, with precarious health, where I will next be (or whether I will be at all for that matter)...but I see digital art as a very promising way to keep expressing myself through art the rest of my life. I always say "I dont want to live forever but I want to live up until I die", and for me expressing myself through art is a way of life. It is integral to whom I am. I dont want to exist in a state where I am cut off from that expression. It would be like in Star Wars...being cut off from "the Force" (Lol I am a total Sci-fi nut and elderly gamer too ;) That is why I like the image you left with your comment. I am interested in making some computer games as well and I have software to do it but I am not happy with the software as it does not let me do any of the artwork for the game, so I am going to buy some books about more hard core computer program writing so I can integrate my art into computer games...and your little girl here would make such a nice computer game heroine :)

Ginger Olansen 22 Apr 2017

Adelle...Hi, Ginger here. Your comment is interesting and I feel the need to discuss your thoughts on digital art. I think digital art is a wonderful thing and all should try it, it does bring out the creativity in all of us! I have been involved in painting from charcoal, pastel, watercolor, oils, acrylic’s (my favorite now) as far as medias go, since I was ten actually younger! I was lucky enough to have a Dad that gave me so many opportunities in the art field by sending me to private art school during high school that gave me a great background. You mentioned using your paintings and re-creating them digitally using effects or brushes (although you did not mention those two items) and you did not try it from scratch until later. I never thought to use my own paintings the first couple of years! I created something from scratch using a software called "Paint Shop Pro" in the 90’s - 2010 (now owned by Corel) and PSP had fantastic effects, so did Adobe Photo Shop. Loved it and I must have made over a thousand digital pieces of Art. A few, I had printed and sold them in art shows. Then I started using my own photos and would recreate them digitally too, then my paintings. Unfortunately, I don't do it any more, just don't have the time. I am a chairman of a small art gallery now where I live that keeps me very busy besides the art shows I am in. There are so many things out there to experiment with digitally, I wish I could try it all. For those with time, please give it a whirl! Get software and play, you will be so surprised of the effects! Have fun most of all! If anyone would like me to "dig out" some old digital art I used to do, mention it here or write me, I could create a new section in my galleries in "artwanted". So, for you Adelle, keep trying that digital art, try and try, you will be surprised the more you do it! Some pieces will be great, some not so much, but most of all enjoy it. Digital painting can even improve your real painting! Ask me why? LOL! On a cold winter night when everyone was sleeping is when I found my space in digital painting! Good Luck everyone,

Adelle John 23 Apr 2017

hmmm, I went to respond to another comment of yours on same subject but cant find it am wondering if there is a second page here I am unable to turn...but I have read both your comments. I am liking ArtRage for a beginner's program for digital art. I started with Crayola Art Studio believe it or not and that is actually not so bad a start but I like ArtRage for Oils for a free program and I recently bought the full version. The oils is fine but is limited. I downloaded the free one mentioned earlier but I didnt like it as it limits the size of the finished product so severely that nothing you create could possibly be used for income generation whatsoever and perhaps they did that on purpose, which in my opinion is pretty lame if that is the reason...but whatever the reason, you can't sell any prints from the stuff you create and I guess I figure why bother with it if you can't reproduce it. I am kind of bummed I just had my work computer and printer stolen when I moved and with it many of the high resolotion files of my artwork are now lost to me...So wont be able to sell prints from many of my older works which are sold. Oye, and the computer is basically really worthless, It was older--practically obsolete in many ways that is why i used it for work. All I needed it for was storage really of those files, most of which were on the external but internal harddrive the harddrive for the actual computer is tiny as I had one put in free by a high school student who was good with computers after my huge one failed when i was in a nursing home...his mother, one of the nurses, felt so sorry for me my computer was my life so she had her son fix it the best he could and I put everything including my games on external harddrive, which they took too.... so my first digital paintings also went with that so I have to start over.... except what i published here I am able to take off and download onto this computer thank goodness. It is a good idea I think now to publish your paintings onto a website like this that will keep you high res files for you and make them avail to you if you should need. Thank goodness for that or I would have lost even more..... Anyway, thank you for sharing with me Ginger...I am inspired to do more now. I do like to have fun with my art too...that and sharing is what it is all about for me. If it wasnt fun, I would bother doing it (I can prolly make more money collecting cans lol so its not the money that keeps me painting..it is the sheer fun of it all.

Adelle John 23 Apr 2017

This is in reply to rosemary gioielli who I didnt respond to as I think I was distracted over the loss of my computer as well as my moving which was about that time...I had meant to respond and try GIMP but didnt get around to it...I think I did go to your portfolio and perhaps left a message but cant remember if I even did that. I will tell you now that last night I download GIMP and thank you very much, it is an excellent program...I have to confess though there is much more to it than I am familar with and it reminds me of my illiteracy with computers and I am not the worst that way..but I am going to read the user manual and experiment with it--but I surely will Rosemary, I surely will. So thank you. It looks like a far better program, more uses and diverse options, than the programs I paid for (simple ones) but I am glad to have them too it is nice to have something simple to fall back on as I learn more complex programs. I am also autistic and I am very proud of myself in that I am open to and learning so much more than when I was a youngster afraid of her shadow and especially afraid I was, of trying new things. I am losing some of that fear and that is making it possible for me to grow as an artist as well as a person. Sometimes getting old is not such a bad thing when it helps you to be more fearless for much of life and especailly trying new things is not nearly as risky as we feel it must be when we are younger. When you are old and perhaps have less to worry about being as you figure out at some point the actual worst thing that can happen to you is you will die and most all new endeavers are not that kind of risk...so as an older person I think to myself, rightly, "Well it cant kill me...so I think I will just give it a try" and if it turns out to be hateful to me, well I never have to do it again....so not much risk in really is there. So I tried working with GIMP but at present my knowledge and experience level was too low to get very far so I looked up the manual and will study that today for a bit and prolly more time periods to come until I think I have enough new knowledge to be able to stumble around the program and create something from it. I really appreciate all of you who have bothered to answer my questions and who have so kindly refered me to different freebee programs. I have a decent disability income which I am ever so grateful for so many in my shoes have little resources. But my income presently is stressed to the max with a major move and I am buying a purebred kitten to be art manager of course lol. He will likely teach me the art of mixed media if I am not very careful lol (acrylic with feline fur accents anyone?) anyway, thanks to all of you. I am very indepted to your kindnesses. I earler made a comment to someone i would not go premium just to sell art or prints however I would like to say here becasue i dont know where I put that other message but I am glad to be a premium member even if I should never sell a thing, it is my way of showing support for what I believe is a value artist resource, that being moslty for me a very caring and helpful community...and that is well worth slightly over $30 per year for me. Thank you to Artwanted for providing the framework for us all to come together. I also added this comment for Ginger who wanted links to good free beginner websites for digital or for making a comeback...I imagine from seeing what you have done that you, Ginger, will have no trouble using GIMP and it is a relatively small download as well totally free. Not hidden costs at all. And you can use many OS including the free OS' that are becoming so popular. I might like to try something besides windows someday too. So I just googled GIMP and found it right off.