09 March, 2017
  • ArtWanted.com Staff

7 Tips to be more successful with Instagram


This article shares seven tips on how artists and photographers can be more successful on Instgram.

1) Get on Instagram!

Instagram is one of the most successful apps in the world. It was originally designed as a photo-sharing app and now has over 500 million users and has over 95 million photos/images shared or uploaded EVERY DAY. With such a huge audience, and such a focus on visual content, it’s one of the core places where you should be marketing your talent on. If you don’t already have an Instagram account, download the app, create a free account and start uploading your artwork!

2) Setup a Second Instagram Account For Only Your Art/Photography

Many artists are already on Instagram and they share their art, but they also use the same account to share their personal life. If people that like your art see too many personal posts, they may lose interest and stop following you. This is why we suggest that you create a second Instagram account, which is only to show off your artwork. Sure, you can still post your art on your personal account too, but having a separate account just for your art/photos will help you look more professional and will keep your followers. Instagram makes it very easy to toggle between multiple accounts with a tap at the top of the app.

Be sure to add a brief overview of your artwork on your Instgram bio and add your website link in your profile. If you don't have your own personal website, put your ArtWanted portfolio website in that spot to bring people to your ArtWanted website.

3) Make Frequent Postings

It’s simple: the more you post, the more people will see your artwork. People are looking at Instagram at different times of the day and not everyone looks at it daily. If you are only making a new post every few weeks, you will only reach a small percent of your total Instagram followers.

How often should you post? We suggest you post 1-2 times per day. You don’t want to be annoying and post 10 times a day as you will upset your followers by flooding their Instagram feed. However, 1-2 times day is a great amount, especially if you space your postings by multiple hours.

Most artists will not be completing an amazing piece of art every single day, so you just need to get creative with your posts. Here are just a few ideas to give you more posts with the artwork you have already created…

  • Post your final completed piece of artwork
  • Post a cropped version of your art highlighting just a part of one of your images
  • Post a matted/framed/printed version of your artwork
  • Post art that you completed in the past, but that is not on Instagram
  • Post sketches of your concept ideas
  • Post your original sketch combined with your final piece
  • Post a work in progress showing where you are currently at on the piece #wip
  • Post a variation of your artwork, where you have applied different filters or variations
  • Post a photo of your inspiration for the piece, combined with your own artwork
  • Post an image showing multiple styles/mediums of the same subject
  • Post a photo of your work place / studio
  • Post a picture of you at an art show / gallery
  • Post an advertisement for an upcoming art show you will be at
  • Post a photo of your artwork at a different view/perspective
  • Post a collage of lots of your artwork in a single image
  • 4) Use Your Keywords (#hashtags)

    Every post of art you make should include a handful of relevant #keywords to your piece. Keywords are usually how new artwork and artists are discovered, because people are searching and viewing those keywords and your artwork will appear in their searches. It’s totally acceptable (and encouraged) to have 5-10 keywords per post and each one will help market your artwork.

    The keywords may include: your subject matter, media used, artistic style, location, techniques used, software used, type of camera if you are a photographer, and general keywords like #art or #photography

    5) Post a Daily Story

    An Instagram Story, is a short series of images or video that you share with your followers. The great thing about an Instagram Story, is that it will show at the very TOP of your followers Instagram feed along with your name and photo! That type of promotion for your artwork/photography is amazing and should be taken advantage of as much as possible.

    Your Story can be a simple image or video of you working on your current piece, or anything else you want to share with your followers. Remember that stories will disappear after 24 hours, so they are only temporary and designed to get the quick attention of your followers to visit your Instagram page.

    6) Interact With Other Artists

    Instagram is not just about you promoting your artwork. It’s about you engaging with other members. You should be following other artists, liking their images and commenting on other artwork and responding to the comments you receive. As you follow/interact with other artists, they will also follow/interact with you. Your followers will increase and so will your feedback on your artwork.

    Every comment you make on someone’s art, is a link back to your Instagram portfolio. Make 10 comments, you just got 10 links back to your art. Make 100 comments, you now have 100 links back to your art. Artists like to get comments/feedback on their images, so when you do, they are very likely to be read by the artist and others looking at the image. Many of those people will click on your name to be taken to your Instagram page, which can lead to them following you.

    7) Add Your Instagram Page to your ArtWanted Portfolio

    Last but not least in our list, is for you to add your Instagram link to your ArtWanted portfolio. We allow you to add links on your portfolio out to your main social media sites, including Instagram. This is a great way for people that already see you on ArtWanted to quickly see and follow you on Instagram. Add your social media accounts here.


    We hope that these Instagram marketing tips have been helpful to you. Did we miss something? Please post any other marketing tips you have found useful that others can benefit from. Also, please reply and let us know if you would like to see more marketing tips like this one in the future.

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    Brenda Cumming 09 Mar 2017

    I set up an instagram account but can't seem to access it. I am told I need the APP but I don't have a smart phone....does this mean that I can't use it? I only have my laptop. thank you Brenda

    ArtWanted.com Staff 09 Mar 2017

    Brenda - Instagram is very app focused and the desktop website only allows you to view information, it will not allow you to add/upload images. For this reason, they do currently require you to install the app on a smart phone to upload images. Perhaps you might be able to find a close friend that would allow you upload your artwork from time to time from their phone.

    Brenda Cumming 19 Mar 2017

    thank you admin....I need to find a friend...lol

    Steven Cronin 30 Mar 2017

    Very helpful. Many thanks

    Christian Sanhueza 18 Jun 2017

    Great article!

    My account: https://www.instagram.com/christiansanhuezaveliz/