24 February, 2017

new format

I have been with art wanted for a few years now and used to regularly show my work and send pics using their "send picture in an email" It all changed last year...or was it longer ago?...and now I have great difficulty in nagivating the site........and it seems that you can no longer send emails of your work. I had even thought of using the site for selling but if I am not able to find my way around...how will anyone else.? Please bear in mind that I have little or no technical knowledge so basic information would be good.....I managed just now to download a new painting but then struggled to find my way back to my home page......I would love to tell other artists about artwanted.com but I need first to be able to re connect myself with how it operates.... please be gentle with me..... Brenda



ArtWanted.com Staff 02 Mar 2017

Brenda - Thanks for your feedback on the website. Let us share a few comments...

When we redesigned the website, we did remove the "e-card" ability to send a message with your image. It sounds like you liked this feature, and it's something that can come back if we have enough interest from our members to bring it back.

You can still e-mail a link to your artwork, which can be done by clicking on the EMAIL icon under the SHARE options for any image (left column of options).

All of the features/pages to manage your portfolio are all the same that we have had for many years, so you shouldn't have any problem navigating those pages, as they have not changed. However, we are working on a new redesign of our members area control panel to make things much easier to manage. When this goes live, we will have many help documents and easier paths to get things done.

If you have any specific questions, please let us know and we can help you out.

Brenda Cumming 02 Mar 2017

thank you SO much for taking the time to respond. One of the things I might look towards doing in the future is selling on Artwanted. I have thought about it many times before but have forgotten the procedure and how to pay etc...so I will probably message you about that in the future. I am now almost housebound as a carer for my husband and so being able to sell via your website (hopefully) is an option for me. I already sell online but I have always liked ArtWanted. I shared your website on facebook recently and had a wonderful response....so maybe it will introduce more people to what you offer. I also have one of your books of paintings that I had as a present a few years ago and I really treasure looking through it. Thank you again... Love ArtWanted......must use it more often ! Brenda (Wales UK)

ArtWanted.com Staff 02 Mar 2017

Thanks Brenda for your kind words. We are happy to hear that you like ArtWanted and want to increase your involvement. Let us know if you need anything.

Brenda Cumming 03 Mar 2017

thank you...I am very impressed with you replying and going out of your way to help.....I will keep practicing navigating the site and will tell my artist friends all about Art Wanted. x

ArtWanted.com Staff 04 Mar 2017

Sounds great, thanks!


I just started using the site last month. It took me awhile to figure things out, but now I have no problem uploading pictures, searching for things, etc.. I have years of experience using another site similar to this one, so that probably helped me adjust to this one quickly. I think you will just have to spend more time here until you get it all figured out. You might try opening two or more tabs so you can work on several different things at the same time. Stanton Allaben

Brenda Cumming 12 Mar 2017

thanks Stanton (fab painting) I am getting there slowly but don't have a smart phone and am not very technical......often see APPs mentioned and of course that (as far as I know) involves phones.... I am also carer for a sick hubby and am in my 70's too, so time is limited and probably brain power is limited too...lol..... Not sure if or not this is a worthwhile place to consider selling on. I did ask a few years ago how to go about it but have long forgotten and I am in the UK, which also means $'s to £'s....(I DO have the conversion website) I currently sell on the auction site , and two other online sites...... All new things to learn and at my age , could take a while...ha ha