15 February, 2017


Hi Everyone. I'm new here and I'm finding my way around. I just wanted to say Hi and introduce myself.

I'd love to change the image that is appearing next to my name. It's a file that failed to upload and I'm trying to understand how to change it?

Does anyone know?

Thanks Everyone!




Rick Corbett 20 Feb 2017

Hi Michael,

Welcome to ArtWanted. This is a great community and the artists are amazing, I'm sure you're going to like the site.

I have visited your page and must say that your art is awe inspiring. I love the details you capture and the way you use light and shadow. Amazing work!

Regarding the image, if you go to Members Area and click User Preferences in the Members Area Control Panel, you can change your Self Portrait/Photo there as well as your Artist Avatar Icon. You would just simply upload a new photo/image. I hope this helps. Please let me know if you need any assistance.

Again, welcome to ArtWanted and I look forward to seeing more of your amazing work and getting to know you.


Michael Rock 20 Feb 2017

Thank you Rick for addressing my tech issue and for your kind comments. I think I've figured it out now and I thank you for responding. Best, Michael.