13 February, 2017
  • ArtWanted.com Staff

New Portfolio Image Filter

We are excited to announce a new upgrade for all member portfolios... Image Filters!

When viewing any portfolio, you will now see a keyword search box in the top-right of the portfolio. You can type in keywords to filter the image results. The image filter will search the artwork title and the custom keywords you have input for any image in your portfolio.

This image filter is especially useful on portfolios with hundreds of images to quickly find the exact image you are looking for. If you are a Premium Member, you can also search from inside a sub-gallery to find what you are looking for.

Also, as an added bonus, the keywords you add to your images are now clickable on the main image, which will find all of the images in your portfolio that match that keyword. For example, if you add “modern” as a keyword, when that image is clicked, all of the images in your portfolio with “modern” in the title or as a keyword will be displayed.


  • Be sure to add several keywords to each image you upload, which will be searchable on the image filter.
  • Your portfolio must have at least 10 images in it, before the search box appears in the portfolio.
  • If only one image is found in the search, you will be forwarded directly to that larger image.

We hope you and your portfolio visitors will enjoy this new free upgrade to your portfolio. Post your comments and suggestions below.



Erminio Souza 14 Feb 2017

Geometria das Cores

Círculos e Triângulos - 2017 OST 100 x 120 - Pintado em tecido de linho, com vas superposições de cores, o que nos transmite um belo visual.

Ginger Olansen 24 Jan 2018

I have been using it and yes, it really works well. I really like what you have done, one can really pinpoint what you want! I guess I have to go back and put in more tags, tags and more tags! Thanks so much!

odinel pierre 27 Jan 2018

excited about the change,finally i have a chance to get notice