10 February, 2017

Artist's Biography

How can we access an artist' biography?



Vincent von Frese 12 Feb 2017

I see no path access anyone's bio. What am I not seeing?

ArtWanted.com Staff 13 Feb 2017

Vincent -

When anyone adds information to the BIO section in their user preferences, a new ARTIST BIO icon will appear on their portfolio, which displays the bio of that artist. Here is the direct link to your personal bio on your portfolio page:


Vincent von Frese 28 days ago

I still cannot find other artist s bio even though you say it is found by an icon on their portfolio. For example one of my favorites is Luciano Corbellini. Could you show me where is the icon for his bio?

Yury Yanin 28 days ago

Hi Vince,

I took BROWSE category, typed Luciano Cabellini in the upper box tittled KEYWORDS and clicked SEARCH. The search engine showed me his artworks and the icon of his portfolio (image in the ring). Then I clicked the icon. In the upper part of his portfolio he has a row of blue icons for various categories, including ARTIST BIO (shown as a list of paper with some text). Thus I found his BIO... written in Italian language!!!...

Wanted to help...

Vincent von Frese 27 days ago

OK I finally got it; the symbol had no words. Thanks staff and thanks Yuri!

ArtWanted.com Staff 27 days ago

FYI - We are planning to add words under the icon bar, to help people know what the icons are without hovering over them.

Vincent von Frese 27 days ago

I like words added next to symbols

ArtWanted.com Staff 23 days ago

We have just updated the website and added words under all of the icons for all portfolios and artist groups to make it easier to know what the icons are for.

Yury Yanin 23 days ago

Thanks staff! Hope such improvements will make AW better and better step by step.

Vunce, I want to add that not every AW member has and wants to have a BIO chapter. I do not have one on AW, and I am not sure tat I shouls have it here. What for? I am not shy though, I had published my bio on other sites just for fun. You know my bio anyway... Do you think it worth publishing my bio here?