06 February, 2017
  • ArtWanted.com Staff

Updated Browse Artwork Section

The BROWSE ARTWORK page of ArtWanted is one of the most popular pages on the site. It's the first link in our top menu and it’s where most website visitors go first to browse or search for artwork on the website. We have just made some updates to this page to make it even easier to use and to locate your artwork. Here are the changes...


At the top of this page, you will now see the advanced artwork search form. This quickly allows visitors to search artwork by keyword, subject, media, gallery and if the artwork is for sale or not. The search results will show matching artwork and also show matching artist portfolios and artist groups. Before this change, website visitors would not see this advanced form until after their initial search. This change reduces clicks and allows visitors to find the art they are searching for faster.


We now show all of available SUBJECT and MEDIA artwork categories up front for all users. This again reduces clicks for the website visitors, as before they had to click the category button, then click the subject/media they wanted to see.

NOTE: 20% of our members do not take the time to add the subject or media category to their artwork when they upload it. This means that 1/5 of our members are missing out on additional clicks and visitors to their artwork when this step is skipped.


We now show the names of the 10 newest members of ArtWanted on the browse artwork page. It’s always fun to check out the portfolios of the new members that have joined our art community. Don’t forget to post positive feedback to these new members and welcome them to the website.


We have several special artwork sections on ArtWanted that showcase the great artwork of our members. These special areas are now highlighted even better with large blue buttons, to increase the visitors to these sections. These pages include: Featured Artists, Recent Artwork Comments, Artist Groups and Random Images.

We think these design changes will help our website visitors find your artwork even faster and make the website even easier to use. We welcome your reply comments on this thread, or your suggestions on our Idea Boards.

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Yury Yanin 07 Feb 2017

Happy to read very true thoughts above! Average success of a web site heavily depends on its first page. Staff is absolutely right, paying attention to it. From my side I can recall some attractive and commercially successful categories, which I saw on home pages of other art sites. Recently sold. (artworks sold in the last month). Recently active. (favorited and commented). The most visited. Contests winners. I also recall a couple of sites, which had a search category "by color", recommended ART, matching some color schemes or home designm Some sites took orders to make interior design projects, including wall art. I am not going to insist on anything - just some thoughts for the staff to choose from...

Ginger Olansen 07 Jan 2018

To me everything you mention here is very important. Users have got to browse and read! I try to congratulate the top 3 featured members and found they did not know it until I contacted them by email! Its is a nice change! People are just too busy to even read the emails you send to those on the featured list! No more to add. Thanks again