19 January, 2017

Art critique

Along with comments what about suggestions on how to improve a piece of art? I am a beginner and would like input from the artists with more experience.

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Vincent von Frese 28 Jan 2017

I have seen the idea of art critique used on other sites and it is more of a pain than a help. There are better sources for learning like studying, reading and taking classes in real time. However, there does seem to be a shortage of affordable art and craft learning opportunities around in real life (non-cyber) time,

Joanie Holliday 13 days ago

Sometimes it's very nice and helpful but I've found some who take offense and do not want help on their work.

Joanie Holliday 13 days ago

You are the exception to the rule my friend and you will improve because of your terrific attitude.

Michael Weber 13 days ago

Thanks for input. Makes sense that people could be offended.

Diane Goulart 3 days ago

Michael, I would like (maybe? lol) helpful critique on my work also.

However, as Joanie pointed out I may get offended. But, only if the person doing the "critiquing" was more rude or untactful (word?) than helpful.

You are right, Vincent there is a shortage of affordable learning opportunities off the computer. As I self taught beginner myself, I have found this out.

Michael Weber 3 days ago

When i first suggested it, i was thinking people who have more experience might give suggestions on improvement rather than being critical? Make sense?

Diane Goulart 2 days ago

Sure, Michael, it does make sense. That is what I hope for, also : )