15 January, 2017

Propagation or promotion of New concept of ' Organic-Art'

There may be some system designed by this wonderful New " Art wanted site". so as to display a specific art work created by any New media for example "Organic Art": which is created from ONLY Natural dried ingredients on Bark canvas of Palm/Bamboo trees. Main Aim/Idea is that art lovers or even common people can enjoy & get connected with the NATURE & its multi-textured & colors of layers of dried flowers/leaves etc etc (before perishing) rejuvenated on Bark Canvases .The concept of Art is 'Eco Friendly". In this creativity No chemicals in form of any colors & papers as canvas are used thus to save trees & environment.One of the Organic art on 'Bird' is posted for perusal to the Art wanted Idea-Board & other artist friends as desired in this new campaign.

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