21 December, 2016
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Feature Spotlight: Portfolio Videos

Millions of people enjoy watching online videos every day and video will only continue to grow in popularity. To take advantage of this viewing audience, we recommend that every artist should create their own portfolio video to show off their artwork.

ArtWanted has a built-in portfolio video feature for all members to showcase the video(s) they create. When you post a video to your ArtWanted account, a new VIDEO button will show up on your portfolio for everyone to watch your video. Here is how it works…

Adding Video to Your Portfolio

    Step 1) Create a portfolio video using an online service like Animoto.com or a desktop video software like iMovie (Mac) or Windows Movie Maker.

    Step 2) Upload your video to a free video hosting site like YouTube.com or Vimeo.com

    Step 3) Copy and paste either the link to the video page or the HTML embed code for your video(s) on the Video Portfolio section of our members area.

Once these steps are completed, a new video tab will show up on your ArtWanted Portfolio for others to watch your portfolio videos.

Video Ideas

Here are a few ideas for videos you might create and display on your portfolio:

    Portfolio Video – A slideshow video that showcases multiple samples of your best art. Most computers come with built in software to create a cool slideshow video using your existing image files.

    Time-lapse Video – Setup a camera and record a video of you creating an entire piece of art. Speeding up the final video will allow others to see your entire process in just a few minutes.

    Instructional Video – Setup a camera (or have someone record you) showing the process you go through to create part or all of your artwork.

    Event Video – If you are involved in a local art event, art show or exhibit be sure to record it. Then create a video of the highlights of the event.

Portfolio videos are a great way to show off your artwork in a fun and exciting way. They are easy to add to your ArtWanted portfolio and to share on social media for all your friends/followers to see. We hope this post inspires more of our members to create and post their portfolio videos.

Add Your Portfolio Video Now

Artist Credit: The screen shot in this blog post is from the portfolio video page of ArtWanted member Jeremy Martison


1 Comment

Vincent von Frese 28 Apr 2017

I agree 100 percent and add that a video presentation is of great impact.

One thing to note is that the quality of a video must be excellent which takes talent and planning. So many you tube videos are unbearably poor.

One must represent themselves and their work with such skill as it may require professional help I would imagine otherwise better off not trying it.