18 December, 2016
  • ArtWanted.com Staff

New Upgrades to Premium Private Galleries

One of the many features of the ArtWanted Premium Membership is the ability to create Private Galleries. Private Galleries allow our members to create special hidden galleries of images for family, friends or clients. We have just completed a handful of new upgrades to make the Private Galleries even more powerful! Here is a list of the new features...

New Private Gallery Features

    1) Bulk Image Upload – You can now upload dozens of images instantly to a private gallery by simply dragging them into the upload window. This new feature makes adding images to your private galleries super simple and easy.

    2) Edit Image – You can now edit the private image title, description and high-res download setting for each image after it is uploaded.

    3) Gallery Keyword Rename – You can now edit the name of your private gallery if you need to change it or made a typo. You can also now combine multiple private galleries into a single private gallery.

    4) Larger Images – The size of the private gallery images have been increased by 50%, making the viewing experience for your family/clients better.

    5) Image Thumbnails – Instead of only showing the title of the artwork on the management page, we now show the thumbnail images for the galleries you manage.

Private Gallery Ideas

If you are already a Premium Member, or are interested in our Private Gallery feature, here is a list of sample uses for Private Galleries...

    1) Sharing Images with Clients – The most common reason for using private galleries is to share images or photographs with one of your clients. Create a special gallery of private images that only your client can view and download. You also have the option to allow the client to download a high-resolution or low-resolution version of your image.

    2) Artwork Backups – Gain peace of mind by uploading high-resolution copies of all your artwork to a private gallery for safe and secure storage in the cloud. You never have to worry about losing your artwork images due to hard drive crashes or accidental file deletion.

    3) Digital Sale Downloads – You can offer to sell any of your artwork in your portfolio as a digital download. After you have collected the funds from the purchase, you can create a private gallery for the buyer and post the purchased images inside the gallery for download.

    4) Commissioned Artwork – If you have been commissioned to draw/paint art for a client, you can share your images throughout the creative process or your final commissioned piece using a Private Gallery.

    5) Creative Proofs – Often an artist or graphic designer will be asked to provide proofs or mockups before a project is started. Private Galleries are a great way to share your proofs without e-mailing files back and forth or having large attachments.

    6) Family Photos – Private Galleries are a great way to share a bunch of photos with other members of your family. Simply upload the photos and then share the private keyword with your family members lto view or download the images.

    7) Uncensored Images – The public ArtWanted site has certain display rules about what can be shown on our public site. However, those rules do not apply to private galleries and you can upload any image without restrictions. Invite others to see these images that are normally restricted on the public ArtWanted site.

    8) Special Events – If you take any photos for special events, you can create a private gallery for that event and upload all of your photos for the event. After the event, invite anyone to view the photos of the event.

Hopefully the above ideas show the power and flexibility of the Private Gallery feature of ArtWanted. If you are already a Premium Member, login to the members area to manage your private galleries now. To add the Private Gallery feature to your account, check out our Premium Membership.

Post your comments and suggestions below on other ways to use Private Galleries or suggestions you have to continue to make them better.

Image Credits: The screen shot example used on this blog post is from one of our members: Dee Jobs Photography