27 November, 2016
  • ArtWanted.com Staff

New Upgrades to the Art Watch Email!

Today we went live with several new upgrades to the Art Watch e-mails we send out daily. Here is some additional information...

What is the Art Watch E-Mail?

The “Art Watch” is an e-mail that is sent out twice a day which contains links to the new artwork for your favorite artists. As your "followed" artists upload new artwork, you will be notified via e-mail with links to view the new artwork.

What are the New Upgrades?

THUMBNAIL PREVIEWS – We now display a small thumbnail of the image that was uploaded to give you a preview of the new artwork.

LINK TO YOUR ART FEED – Your Art Feed is a page on ArtWanted.com that contains a live feed of new artwork uploaded by your favorite artists.

LATEST NEWS – At the bottom of the Art Watch e-mail we now list our latest blog post and latest art contest. These links will always keep you informed on the latest updates to the website.

25 IMAGE LIMIT – In the past, some artists would upload hundreds of images on a given day, and the Art Watch e-mail would be miles long. For your convenience, we now limit the number of images to 25 on the e-mail and provide you a link to your Art Feed to see all the rest of the images.

WORDING CHANGE - On a related note, we also changed the wording from "Add to Favorites" to "Follow Artist" on the portfolio of any artist on our site. We felt that this wording was more descriptive and similar to other social media websites.

How do I add artists to my Art Watch / Art Feed?

As you surf ArtWanted.com and find artists you like, simply click the FOLLOW ARTIST link on any page of their portfolio (top-right). When you click this link, you add this artist to your favorites list and will start to get an e-mail each day they post new artwork.

NOTE: If you click the FAVORITE link on a specific image you like, this will add this image to your favorites list, but it will NOT add the artist to your Art Watch daily e-mails. You must follow the artist to add them to your Art Watch e-mails.

How do I manage my list of favorite artists?

Inside the ArtWanted.com Members Area, there is a page to manage all your favorite artists called Art Watch. Simply visit this page to see a list of the artists you follow and also remove any that you don’t want to get notifications for anymore. You can also see how many people are following your artwork.

We hope you enjoy these new changes to the Art Watch e-mails and we look forward to your feedback.