27 October, 2016

Sonya/Baraka: (MK Real)

Sonya Blade and Baraka are two warrior-avatars from the graphic and popular martial-arts fantasy-adventure video game series "Mortal Kombat" (Midway/NetherRealm Studios).

Sonya Blade is a gritty and street-smart female with self-assured fighting skills, and Baraka is a creepy male arm-blade wielding ghoul.

Sonya represents feminine might, while Baraka represents monstrous will. These two make for an interesting 'battlefield-arena pairing' in the zany world of video-game fantasia, which is why they are also used by artists to talk about 'gender gaps.'


SONYA: You're too proud to accept my challenge? BARAKA: You're just a woman! SONYA: I have fighting-skills. BARAKA: I have invincible arm-blades! SONYA: Let's see if they withstand female fury. BARAKA: Let's fight!


Sonya Blade: http://mortalkombat.wikia.com/wiki/Sonya_Blade

Baraka: http://mortalkombat.wikia.com/wiki/Baraka