03 October, 2016
  • ArtWanted.com Staff

Downloading Your Entire Portfolio

A standard feature for all members of ArtWanted.com is the ability to download all the images in your portfolio with a single click. This feature can be found in the DOWNLOAD PORTFOLIO page in the MANAGE PORTFOLIO section of the Members Area.

You can download all of the images in your portfolio at once or just the images you have uploaded in the last 3 months. You can also download individual images, which is explained on the following blog post.

We will provide you with a single compressed file (.ZIP) that contains all of your JPG images.

The resolution of image you can download depends on your account type. Here is an explanation of the two options.

a) Web-Quality Resolution

When you upload any image to ArtWanted.com, we take that image and resize the resolution to fit the website layout and also download quickly. We refer to this downsized image as the “web-quality” version. The resolution of this image is a maximum of 750 pixels tall or wide. Due to the costs and storage requirements of saving the original image you upload, we discard this original file after upload and only keep the resized version.

For Example: If you upload an image that is 2,000 pixels wide by 2,000 pixels tall, we will resize the image to 750 x 750 pixels to display on the website and discard your original 2000 x 2000 pixel file. When you request to download all the images in your portfolio, you will be given the resized web-quality images.

b) High-Quality Resolution

One of the features included with our paid Premium Membership accounts is high-resolution cloud backup of all your files. As a Premium Member, we not only create the resized web-quality version mentioned above, but we also store your original high-resolution file. This file is used to create quality prints with our print-on-demand program, but it’s also kept as a secure backup for you to download at any time from our website. When you request to download your entire portfolio, you are given the choice to download the web-quality OR high-quality original files you uploaded to ArtWanted.com.

Peace of Mind

At least once a month we have an artist contact us that has had a hard drive crash or failure and lost all of their artwork files. Hard drives are mechanical and always prone to failure. When this happens, they are upset and devastated, which is totally understandable. These artists are very happy to find out that we keep copies of their artwork and we can provide it to them with a few clicks.

Having your artwork displayed on ArtWanted should give you peace of mind, because we have your back and can provide you with a copy of all the artwork you have uploaded to our website. Those members wanting a backup of all their original high-resolution artwork should consider upgrading to our Premium Membership, so you never lose your valuable original images.

Download your entire ArtWanted.com portfolio here.

Additional Online Backup Solutions

We recommend that all of our members use an additional online backup service to keep copies of your valuable artwork and personal computer files. Here are a few companies offering cloud backup solutions to store your important files. Many of these companies offer free file backup options. Dropbox.com, Box.com, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive & Amazon Drive.

Keep your files safe with multiple backups, so you never lose your important artwork files.