28 August, 2016
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Premium Feature Update: Featured Portfolio Images

One of the features of our Premium Membership is the ability to highlight a handful of images at the top of your portfolio gallery. This week we made some updates to this section (aka Sub-Gallery Header). We thought it would be a good idea to explain the changes and options available for this Premium Member feature.

New Upgrades to the Sub-Gallery Header:

  • Faster loading - No more long image strips while page is loading.
  • No Image Cropping – We now display the full image, instead of a cropped version.
  • Additional Images Supported – We have increased the number of images you can show in this section from 6 to 10.
  • Only Favorite Images – If your display option is to show your favorite images from your portfolio, we now only show the specific images you want to display.
  • Fewer Images If Desired –If you want, you can only feature one or two images from your portfolio now as well. You choose how many images to display by picking your specific favorites.

We hope you enjoy these new upgrades. Now let's go over the customization options available to you...

Display Options:

As the artist, you have many options to customize the look of your portfolio. The Sub-Gallery Header is no exception. You have 5 different options to customize how your images show at the top of your portfolio. These options are found on your “User Preferences” page in the “Premium Layout” section.

a) MOST RECENT UPLOADS – This setting will display your newest images at the top of your portfolio.

b) MY FAVORITE IMAGES – This option allows you to hand pick which images from your portfolio you wish to show at the top of your gallery. To select which images to show from your portfolio, visit the “Select Favorites” page from your “Manage Portfolio” area in the Members Area. We suggest picking 4-8 of your favorite portfolio images to make it look great.

c) MY MOST POPULAR IMAGES – This setting will show the top 10 most popular images in your portfolio, based on many factors such as hits, comments, favorites and other factors. The images will change from time to time as the image popularity changes.

d) RANDOM PORTFOLIO IMAGES – This option will grab random images from your portfolio to display in this image strip.

e) HIDE SUB-GALLERY HEADER – If you prefer not to show this top section of images in your portfolio, you can use this option to hide this section from your portfolio.

We hope you enjoy playing around with the display options for this section and change them from time to time. Again, this is a feature that is only available for our Premium Members. If you would like to learn more about all the account upgrades you get with a Premium Membership, click here.


1 Comment

Barbara Haviland 04 Sep 2016

I really like what you have to done with this site.