14 August, 2016

Your comment please

This is an encaustic painting on canvas. I dripped the hot beewax on the canvas and blew it with a hot airgun in the directions and shapes I wanted. Size 50 x 50 cm.



Haley Eves 19 Aug 2016

I would hang this in my living room.

Kimberley Russell 24 Mar 2017

This is lovely!! I've tried encaustic once, be sure you use good ventilation, wax is very tough on lungs. You might try a heat gun too I got crazy fun effects of runnyness with it. You are off to a great start, It has everything, composition, color, etc. I don't do them on a regular basis because they are fragile, if your customer isn't keeping it cool, it can ruin. Good luck, Kim Russell

Navjot Singh 25 Mar 2017

Lovely work

Adelle John 28 Apr 2017

gorgeous....I think that would be fun to try.