05 June, 2016
  • ArtWanted.com Staff

Portfolio Images Now 25% Larger

With the recent changes to the layout and design of ArtWanted.com, we had some extra space to play with. Because of this extra space, we have just made a change to the display size of new artwork in everyone's online portfolios. All images that are uploaded from today forward will now be 25% larger than the previous size!

The maximum display height/width of all images has changed from 600 pixels to 750 pixels. This increased size allows you to show off more detail in your artwork and for the website visitors to enjoy your artwork 25% more than before.

If you wish to have your previous artwork show at this new larger size, this is an option for you. Because we don't want to stretch any existing artwork to a larger size (which would reduce quality), you will need to re-upload a replacement image for any artwork that is already on your portfolio.

To do this, start by visiting the MANAGE PORTFOLIO section of the MEMBERS AREA and click on the image you wish to edit. From the edit image page, you can upload a replacement file, which will upgrade the size/quality of your artwork online. Keep in mind that all images that are replaced are reviewed by our staff to make sure the same image is being replaced, so it will take a day or two for the changes to be seen on your portfolio.

We hope everyone enjoys the new larger size of images on ArtWanted.com - we know our website visitors sure will.



Mark Kokopelli Watkins, Artist 07 Jun 2016

Thank you so much Artwanted.com staff. The larger pics look way cool and still have a great deal integrity in their presentation! Most sincerely, Mark Kokopelli Watkins

ArtWanted.com Staff 07 Jun 2016

Thanks Mark, glad you like the larger images.

Charles Jones 25 Jun 2016

The images may be 25 percent larger but the site is at least 75 percent improved. I like the slideshow on the biographical page. It's all in the presentation. See how positive I can be with a little motivation? :)