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     Started by Staff

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We wanted to let everyone know that the 2012 calendars have been printed and are now shipping out to everyone that pre-ordered the calendar.

If you live in the US, you will receive an e-mail from us with your delivery tracking information. Most of the pre-ordered calendars have been shipped out at this point and the remaining calendars will ship before December 10th, 2011.

We expect to sell out soon, so if you have not yet ordered your calendar (especially if your artwork was selected) we encourage you to do so before they are gone.

Thanks to everyone that participated in our two calendars this year and we hope they bring you additional exposure to your artwork.

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i pre ordered my calendar back on June 26 2011 my confirmation order number is XID 38384139

please let me know if it has been sent and what date that was --thanks !

Paula Terpening

AW STAFF: Paula, we have sent you an e-mail about the details of this order.

Paula Terpening


I pre-ordered my calendar (the art one) back in August and still haven't received it yet. Two weeks ago, I ordered a copy of the photography one and I got it right away. When will I get the one I pre-ordered several months ago? Thank you, Robin

Robin LaHue


STUDIO 149 Brooklyn, New York, USA

Expressionistic Oil paintings:

Click image for a larger view.
Leon Nicholas Kalas


I pre-ordered my 2012 calender. Have not received the calender. Can you please look into the matter for me. Thank You Joseph Jusinski

joseph jusinski


joseph - All pre-ordered calendars were shipped out in December, so we will look into your order and get back with you via e-mail. Staff

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Page:   1 - All 6 Posts