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     Started by gregory k

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A Thousand Stories is a continuously moving documentary through which I share my conversations with artists. The project features artists who, despite their brilliance, are often overlooked.

To date, I've shared conversations with artists of many disciplines, including fine graphic artists Edwin Ushiro and Yoskay Yamamoto, pop-surrealist painter Martin Wittfooth, and Latin Grammy award-winning vocalist Susana Baca.

I strongly advocate the following statements:

(1) Art is a source of inspiration; (2) Art does not discriminate.

Following these statements, I continue my search for the most brilliant artists around the world whose voices must be heard.

Please visit the website ( and look around.

If you're an artist who'd like to be featured in the project or know an artist who'd be the perfect fit, please contact me.



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gregory k


I would be honored to be interviewed for this project. I live in Historic Irvington, Indianapolis, IN, where the history includes tales of ghosts and infamous people over the years. I have sold 155 paintings since 2003 and have a large following across the country. I am as retired therapist/minister/actor(SAG) and currently express myself through my imaginative paintings. I am a member of the Irvington Guild of Artists and a published author, as well. Please feel free to contact me at:, or call me at...317-490-4701. I'm sending one piece which has had 1,321 hits on this website of today! I am also a member of the International Society of Horror Illustrators on Face Book!

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Mark Kokopelli Watkins


I would love to be interviewed for your project. You may reach me at if you are still interested. Here is a sample of my work. My newest piece "Obama-nation" 28 x 22in

Thanks so much, NunZ

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Nunzio Barbera


Hello, this is Jessica Lynn and I would like to be in your documentary. My artwork can be seen at: My artwork portfolio can be described as eclectic. I`m still finding my artistic style, but not what I would like to say. It would be a great honor to be a part of your documentary. Thank you for the opportunity.

Jessica Lynn


If you are still taking interview I would be very interested in telling my story on how art freed me from my illness. If you want to know more and see my work go to Hope to hear from you

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claude friesen


I am interested , my portfolio email thanks

Mark Moore


Hi. My name is Dakota Walden, I'm 17 years old and I'm a realist oil painter. I paint what I see and I see all colors. I've been painting since october of 2010. I actually started out of the blue, one day I decided to just try it so I went and spent a couple hundred dollars on supplies and have been steady with it to this day. Please contact me at thank you.

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Dakota Walden


you can contact me at -

and my website is-

I would greatly appreciate even being considered for this project. I would be open and honest and give a true perspective as much as possible, and for yourself, I believe I could give you a unique interview. many thanks Tracy

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Tracy Ryan


I have no studio to do art work, can I visit your to do art work. I an a 60 year old living in a handicape group home. Ask for De'thaw at (202) 678-0820



I could use some exposure if you would like to consider me I recently illustrated a book called A New Man Book One the Pondering By Richard Mills, I built the site for it at my e-mail is

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Devon Wilson

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