06 May, 2009

Unusual things to paint on and strange ways to sell

If I could paint I would have a lot of fun. My work would be everywhere. Every type of shop would be my gallery! Iff I could paint horses my paintings would be in a saddlery or feedstore. If I did landscapes and flowers I would have my work on entry doors and sold at the local building supply yard. Why aren't shovel handles pretty? What a perfect canvas for a vine and I would sell them at the local hardware store! Coffee shops for my quiet stuff and the loud, colorful and crazy would go to the nightclubs on Main Street! Oh, there are walls everywhere and I would have no fear of asking! My dentist could use two and my Doctor three and I could change them out every couple months. I would like to paint children's furniture and I would have samples of my work whereever furniture is sold. I wouldn't imit myself to canvas unless, of course, it could be used as pillow covers or bar stools. Why do artists who can paint think only of an 8" X 10" on the wall? I would paint everywhere and on anything...on mirrors! that would be great and the local glass shop would become "my gallery". Painting a table top would be fun and now the furniture store would represent me! Paper or plastic? My work would be on canvas bags to reuse and use again. I bet the artists on this site could add to this list of unusual things to paint on and strange ways to sell. I don't paint, except for the occasional house, but my iron work is in strange places and by now I am known all over town.



Per Corell 06 May 2009

But maybe you has a camera, and everything don'y need to be painted, all you has to do is fo look for it, or reconise something while you work your day, --- yes all of that is allready here, in painting as as simple a thing, as printed canvas, -- guess the first issue you would plan 20 years ago, gee havn't this costed me some printers trying out some idea on non suported types of sheets paper. What I find wiser, for someone that do not paint is to look for the lazyest tools, among what is presant and there will be plenty oppotunity. But in the end it end up with architecture not arts. Becaurse what is more important than the houses, where you want your pieces on the walls, the right painting in the right place can change a lot, even level the values at choice by a dream, quality and quantity is with digital manufactoing at the top of develobment ; I guess your wishes to express the pictures you describe "if you could paint" are all met with what you can manufactor of new things, paintings of the various things you describe, can be made by sq.mm. and you need no skills to paint a picture, you just press the button and a foto can be wallpaper if that is what you want to produce, ---- but the real issue here is architecture, how we will continue putting two things together, or one could emagine, a building core calculated by a computer, and becaurse of that so much stronger, easier to manufactor, assemble and finish.

cramer 08 May 2009

interesting marketing strategies....there is pros and cons to it though...the reason why artists work on canvas is cuz they want to present thier image in a pure way, like a window into thier soul....alot of artists dont consider selling thier work while they paint too...if u leaned to paint u would find its a highly personal process and very time consuming and not really worth giving up an original work every time someone wants to buy a shovel or whater its on....but printing is a good option

Chris Callahan 09 May 2009

HI Jerry, I like your ideas....in fact I'm positively inspired :) I've been thinking along those lines. Both my sister and myself are sick of our jobs...looking for any and every week to turn over some $$. I'm not exactly making a killing at what I do, so It seems reasonable to think that by using and every and all ideas we can create a unique business.

Thanks for the inspiration Jerry!

Dan Ault 11 May 2009

If I could sketch, I'd draw flies.