18 September, 2006

Artaddiction.com Is this legit or as scam?

I have been sent an invitation to submit my work to Artaddiction.com that publishes art books. It has a membership, and if selected, a small fee to be included in a publish book that sells on Amazon.com, and other places. It appears to be legit, but I want to know if anyone has dealt with them before, or had any problems before I do anything. Anyone else getting e-mails form them? Thanks!



rosemary gioielli 18 Sep 2006

Terry, I received an invitation today to submit work for an artbook(for a small fee) to a company called "masters of today"...sounds like the offer you received. I'd be skeptical. Anyone else?

Trisha Allard 18 Sep 2006

I got two emails from MOT wanting 1300.00 for two pages. Forget it. I laughed so hard.

SUBMIT " as email attachments 3-6 works (JPG /TIFF mage files /300dpi /up to 23 cm / 9".) " the works details, information (title, year, media, size) " up to 500 words of critic essay or statement " your personal website " the place of residence and work " a photo of yourself (JPG or TIFF /300dpi /5 cm /2"

APPLICATION FEE * Applicants who receive notification of passing the selection will get payment instructions .

Masters of Today is an overview of contemporary art, an invaluable resource book for artists, galleries, museums, dealers, art collectors, who seek the latest trends in the art world. The Book is a graphic creation itself and source of information including over hundred profiles of artists, reporting on the art, personalities and art trends that shape today art world. The marketing and the distribution is provided through eCommerce and large bookstores available in US and internationally including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders, Powells, Alibis, Book-A-Million, Buy.com, Ecampus, Textbook, Blackwell, also in Canada, France, Germany, Great Britain, Australia, Japan, New Zealand and many others. Hardcover /flexcover; 250  300 color page; published by Masters /MOT Publishing London; book size 8½ x 8½ / 22 x 22 cm. Application fee: ONE-PAGE US$760 / TWO-PAGE US$1290 - applicants who receive notification of passing the selection only.

Dan Perez 18 Sep 2006

I've received similar offers although not from Artaddiction. personally, I feel that if they are selling the book and making a profit on it, they shouldn't be charging the artist to include work. The fee for inclusion is often pretty high. They justify the fee by claiming that your art will get a lot of exposure and the images will include your conatct info for potential buyers. Basically, these appear to be catalogs with hundreds, if not thousands of small images in them which probably don't sell very well at all. they probably are legit in that they do publish a book and will include your work. However, that doesn't guarantee anyone buying the book or seeing your work. Not every thing that is legit or does what they claim is necessarily a good opportunity.

Maybe this offer is different but, I'd be very careful and ask lots of questions before handing over a check. the exposure may be no different than you can get here or other art websites for a lot less money.

david bass 18 Sep 2006

i got the MOT email the other day. from my point of view to be a book is an honor but only if they want to put you in there for free. if you have to pay its just you paying for a large advertisement grouped with others doing the same. the book may never get seen. if you're gonna do that you might as well just advertise in a nationally known magazine that has large numbers of subscribers which will definately get seen.

jessica torrant 18 Sep 2006

Oh yeah, got the MOT one today... scamblasters!!

jennifer blenkinsopp 18 Sep 2006

I got the MOT email today.

Terry Harris 18 Sep 2006

I did find some of there books on line book stores, but thought that the fee was way to high. I can produce a book on demand or self publish cheaper. They may be targeting artist on this site with spam. Nice profit if they hook even a hundred artist at that fee. Geez.

Brian Sherwin 18 Sep 2006

These are just vanity publications. You will end up shown alongside people who create art that you will most likely not want to be seen with.

Most major galleries look down at people who have been in such things.

Ric Strange 19 Sep 2006

I got the MOT e-mail yesterday , was wondering just where it came from ,now I know -thanks .

Karunesh Agrawal 21 Sep 2006


is not working.

Meghan Henley 21 Sep 2006

I got an MOT as well.

Terry Harris 22 Sep 2006

Sounds like they are hitting AW artist members pretty well. At least we're aare of it and others. Post new threads if you find other such groups.

Roz Eve 23 Sep 2006

I recieved Two emails from them a couple days apart.I feel uncertain about it mostly because i went to the art addiction site and I can't say I enjoyed most of the art on there. I have been finding no galleries and few art publications seem to take fantasy art seriously.When I go to these sites I look to see what type of art they seem to be accepting. I have even emailed sites and they all act like (even the Limner Gallery) they consider all art but if you look you see the types that they take. I paid my fee and entered and all three were rejected (no surprise). Look what all these people accept unless they are new.

Marianne Cook 23 Sep 2006

Here's another one for you - possibly. Anyone else had an offer from "batyah_hanks@libero.it"? I have, and it looks dodgy.

William Ayton 24 Sep 2006

Batyah Hanks -- Oh yes. I did a Google on her (him? it?) & came up with this:


It's 99% likely a scam. Be very afraid.

Bill Ayton

Cathleen Lombard 25 Sep 2006

My rule of thumb....any publishing house, licensing agent..etc, that is legit is NOT going to ask for a submission fee! Some accept online submissions, others hard copies through the mail only....but, I have never been asked to pay a fee.

Buyer beware!


Terry Harris 25 Sep 2006

Thanks Cathleen! Well said!

Terry Harris 25 Sep 2006

Thanks Cathleen! Well said!

kiddolucas lee 25 Sep 2006

The Chinese says " The Crouching & Vicious Tiger can hides as wishes...but it cannot hides its own FootPrints "

Michael Miner 26 Sep 2006

Hello!!! Book publishers are suppose to pay YOU for your art... Otherwise it is called 'Vanity Press'

It seems that everyone here knows that though. :)

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