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     Started by amy derby

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amy derby


I went to your portfolio. It said photography, but nothing there. And you want to convince us you're for real?

N. Michael Bryant


The design of this website looks highly suspect. Lots of red and yellow. But I guess that isn't the only thing that matters.

Austin Teed


Went to look, just a cheap add for some opportunity add site? Unless your addy has been hi-jacked!

Ralph Miller


Clerical ad typists currently required. Full training provided, no previous experience needed. Company pays per response, and not per sale. No MLM, or commission pay structure. Paid for the work you do. Please send your enquiry to

Dakavarapu Vishnuchakra


Paid per response? How bout paying for the add after its done? Its not rocket science writing adds.

Incidently ....nice portfolio...NOT. gotta love people who join these sites just to spam.

Chris Callahan


looks to me that this is about signing up to a mail order gig!



You charging artists with certain fees in registration

kiddolucas lee


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Rene Saucedo

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Page:   1 - All 9 Posts