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15 August, 2017
  • Rick Corbett

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Vincent, thank you so much my friend. I truly appreciate your kind words. That is a great suggestion, I will be recording videos as well as posting work in progress images. I learn best from seeing work from other artists and I hope that my work can help inspire another artist.

13 August, 2017
  • Rick Corbett
  • 13 Aug 2017

Original Post: Work in Progress Images of Current Drawings

Hi Everyone

I love ArtWanted and I love seeing the work of all of the amazing artists. I've never been to art school so for me, I get my art education from seeing how other artists work. I love to see work in progress images of artwork being created. I love to ask questions about the process and techniques. Which I why I love to take pictures and make videos of my work in progress images as I create my art.

My question is Does ArtWanted allow work in progress images or should I only be posting finished work? I don't really see other artists posting work in progress pics and I just wanted to make sure they are allowed before I continue to post them.

I also would love to post more detailed description and videos of my work in the blog section of ArtWanted. Thank you so much to the ArtWanted Staff for all you do and for allowing artists a great site, which I consider to be THE BEST site for artists.