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30 March, 2012

Can your cat do any tricks?

I can't help I just LOVE cats. They are so smart and awesome. One of mine, Sparta, can fetch...he once fetched me a stapler I threw! Angus has actually peed in the toilet several times, and my ever so loveable Tank Teddy cat kisses me with his lips...what can your cat do? What makes your cat special?!


Sharon De Vore 30 Mar 2012

Your cats are VERY VERY Smart!!! You realize that cats are as smart as a 3 year old human and smarter than dogs. Yes, they can be taught to do most anything you would like them to do. I have smart cats also; they have me wrapped around their paws. My white cat used to sit at the table with me while I ate; he knew I would leave him some and he sat outside my bedroom door when he knew it was bed time. Yes, they do lots of cool and smart things. My bengal girl tinkles in the sink; the toilet cover is not up so she chooses the sink.

Paula Bodger 02 Apr 2012

Love the topic. My cat, Mixie, is also smart. She massages (kneads,) my feet after a long day and it feels so good. When I step out of the shower she is right there to tongue dry my legs. And she speaks (meows) to what she wants and needs. She also licks the dogs' nose, ears and paws when he comes back from a walk. Just too cute.