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     Started by Staff

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12:04AM is always looking for ways to bring more exposure and visitors to the members of our site. With the recent popularity of Pinterest, we wanted to use this site to help promote the artists and artwork of our members even more.

We are looking for a handful of members that would like to regularly "pin" artwork found on on to the new Pinterest Page. When you pin art that you like on a board, that artwork is viewable and searchable for all the millions of members of Be warned, it's addicting!


If accepted, we will authorize your Pinterest account to post images to the official pin boards. As you browse the pages & portfolios found on, you will simply click the Pinterest icon to post your favorite images to the Pinterest boards. It only takes a few seconds to pin an image that you want to share.


As part of our official "pinners" group, we just ask that you pin at least 15 images per week to our boards. This can be all done on a single day, or spread throughout the week. Pin as much artwork as you like, including your own art. Every pin is another advertisement for the artist and a link back to Another requirement is that you must already be an active member on Pinterest.


If you are accepted into this program, you will receive a free Premium Membership for as long as you actively participate in the Pinners Program. You will also become part of the new " Advisory Board". This special group of members will have regular communication with our staff and help shape the future of


If you are interested in being part of the special "Pinners" group, simply contact us and let us know the e-mail address you are using for your Pinterest account and a link to your Pinterest profile for us to view. If accepted into this group, we will send you an e-mail with additional details and instructions. You can leave the program at anytime.


This is just one more way we are bringing more traffic and exposure to the artwork of our members. We encourage everyone to continue to use the Social Media sharing options on every image to share your favorite images with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and eMail. Have fun!

Visit our Pinterest Page at:

NOTE: If you do not want you artwork shared on social media websites like Pinterest, you can turn off this ability from the Member Preferences area. Staff


Yes I think I would definitely have interest in Pinterest let me know how I start out. One more question how do I get into the Sub Gallery? I haven't had much time to study all Art Wanted has to offer ,to much artwork is waiting for me. But when I have the time I would really like to be involved. Thank you , ArtistVandyk.

Conny VanDijk



Today I explored Pinterest more than I have before. I am very interested in getting more involved. There is a lot of very good art here on Art Wanted worthy of more attention.

Am just a little confused about something - I notice there is a spot on Pinterest for Art Wanted. When I pin something from Artwanted to Pinterest, the pin seems to just go onto the main page of Pinterest and not on the Art Wanted section. Is that normal or should I be doing something more specific?

Eagerly awaiting your reply on both topics above.


Lynn De Serres


Lynn- Thanks for your interest in our Pinterest page.

Right now, if you pin anything, it goes onto your own account. We have to go through a little setup to allow you to post to the boards. We will send you more information via e-mail. Staff


I'm willing and ready whenever you are :)!

However, as a Premium member already, I DO hope you will add to the length of my paid membership.


P.S. I already have an album of my favorite artists from on my page at Pinterest.

Sandra S. Corona


I have a Pinterest account at and under Sandra McClure. I really like Pinterest and I have pinned artwork on it. I have been on Art Wanted for almost 5 years and there is a lot of great work to be shared. Thanks Sandra McClure

Sandra McClure


Please accept me to your Pinners Program. I am setting up at Pinterest. Thank you for your consideration.

Michelle monty

Michelle Monty


I am pinterest most days so wouldn't be a problem or me. Cheers Susan

Susan Moss


I have been an active Pinner and I have art boards with an assortment of media on my Pinterest page. PLease check me out at:

Click image for a larger view.
Ginny Fisher


I'm on Pinterest and I would like to participate as well.

Marty Yokawonis


I kind have some time now, I had already Pin myself prior, Love that site. Let me know. Thanks

Suelene Rebouças


Super idea - will have to figure out how it's done. Definately interested!

Click image for a larger view.
Beatrix Jahn


Hi!!! Would love to pin for ArtWanted!! You can find me at

Thank You!!!! Let me know! :) :)

Anthea King


I'm brand new to Art Wanted and would be happy to Pin to your boards.( I'm looking forward to exploring art wanted and learning more!

Carlyn Clark


I would be interested in Pinning.

Angela Tossell


I am interested in this, however, I just signed up for Pinterest. But, here is my profile link anyway..

Jenelle Nycole


i would love to pin =) here is the link to my pinterest

Renee Vega


Hi, I'm already on Pinterest too and would like to participate to pinterest pinners wanted! This is the e-mail I use for Pinterest: this is my pinterest page: I hope to hear news from you soon!

fabiola bonghi


Interested indeed.

Jerry Lee


I would love to pin for you! I am already hopelessly addicted to pinterest so this would be fun! I am following you and you can follow me

Emma Kaufmann

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