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     Started by Staff

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9:52AM is having a big sale on our Premium Membership through the end of the year! You can now get a year's worth of account upgrades for only $29! That's less than $2.50/month and a 50% savings from our normal monthly price. Here are just a few reasons to upgrade...

Upgraded Premium Features Include:

Learn More / Upgrade Now

Act now to take advantage of our special Premium Membership offer for only $29/year. Existing Premium Members can also renew to extend their membership term or change from monthly to a yearly account. This discounted price is only valid through Dec. 31st, 2012.

We have some exciting changes planned for in the next few months - stay tuned! We hope you had a great 2012 and also enjoy the New Year's Holiday. Staff


Since this announcement came AFTER I was charged the full price...please deduct $10 from my credit card purchase for a Premium membership.

Thank you,

anna marie

Anna Marie Fritz


yeah ... deduct $10 from mine too and refund my extra $39 that PayPal deducted from my account after my initial payment was rejected from Art Slam and then they went and deducted it after I told them I paid you guys directly without them... they kept trying and deducted the extra $39 on Dec. 29th! And I have sent you guys 2 notes explaining this and still no response!

Rod Savely


I want to cancel my membership. my # is 23710. I'm not sure when the membership ends. please remit. email mary chicoine thank-you

Mary Chicoine


I was charged and today is the 26th. Please deduct 10$ from my payment. Thank you!

Ingrid Kolster


can we still upgrade for 29.00? this had to be a misprint dec 2012? thanks Deana

Deana Russell


Can I up grade still ? I think the year is a miss print ?

Danny Carnes

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Page:   1 - All 7 Posts