media: ball point pen, color pencil____________ All together. Technologically advanced. So connected to the heartbeat of the world. Computers have brought us closer theory. As much as we reach out to the person next to us, they may not be there to actually hold. This false sense of unity finds us always updating ourselves, addicted to digital, and building lives on private pedestals. Where's the physical community? Where is love and friendship? ...we're connectively separated


Anonymous Guest (IP:

Anonymous Guest (IP: 04 Apr 2011

Makes me want to go there. Absolutely incredible work.

Joe Janicki 02 Oct 2010

Absolutely incredible. Faces everywhere. So psychedelic. Diagonal.

Steve Farr 23 Sep 2010

This is great!!~S

Maria Anna Machado 23 Sep 2010

i agree whit Stefi...

Stefani Wehner 23 Sep 2010

fantastic work and your portfolio is fascinating. Can't say which image I prefer! Love your style!