Perception of light

perceptionoflight_©lavallee_michelle _sept2010


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John Cappello 13 Apr 2016

Fabulous Artwork composition and colors! Such a fiery Perception of light work!

yves colas 13 Apr 2016

very creative and well done,excellent work.

Artist Reply: The light was swirling - had fun with this.. Thank you for you lovely comment..

Emilio B. Campo-Diaz 17 Nov 2012

I haven't seen this one, is really fantastic...

Artist Reply: Thank you for your comment - hope all is well!
Artist Reply: It's an art studio hidden in Napa Valley. Thank you for the comment.

ruth sears 26 Mar 2011

this is a marvelous image,such warmth and mystery.

Artist Reply: Thanks - I found this image actually floating in water, orange lighting, an incased in a black box. (like a lava lamp, only larger) The de Rosa Gallery is a fabulous place in Napa, CA.

Mike Helechu 13 Jan 2011

Looking at the creation of a new universe? A new galaxy? Or simply peering into a furnace? Lots of possibilities. You put a lot of thought into this image. Impressive.

Artist Reply: I found this floating water image at the di Rosa Gallery in Napa, - In constant movement, I captured many scenes. A wonderful place for the imaginative and creative souls. Thanks