This 4 x 6 inch watercolor is my fourth rendition of Whitefield, New Hampshire in the late 1930's or 40's. It is the most historically and physically accurate of all of the other works. I had the aid of Google Earth Street Views to clarify it was I was actually seeing. The angle of the path that the train is taking across the the painting is more accurate because it crosses the river diagonally in the foreground shortly after leaving the train station which is out of the picture to the right. The one building which is no longer there is the second building from the left and has been replaced by a two car garage. If you have Google Earth you can check it out by searching for Whitefield New Hampshire Depot. I was under orders from my lovely wife to paint it in black and white. Knowing it to be in my best interest I did exactly as I was instructed. I hope you like it.

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Julie Mayser 12 Jul 2010

There is amazing detail in this very small watercolor! I love viewing all the different objects described so well with your brush, and there for all of us to enjoy!

Artist Reply: I think it needs some adjustment. I think the trees in the background should be fogged out a bit. I think foreground pops rather well, but the overly dark trees in the background undermine any sense of depth.

Claude J Morrissette 12 Jul 2010

Beautiful painting!

Katy Kerr 12 Jul 2010

love it, and tell your wife thank-you ;)

Artist Reply: It must be a guy thing, but I don't know why it is that women have such a thing for neutral tones. Barbara has been after me to do something completely in Black White and Gray, and I finally gave in. I just love playing with complementary and contrasting colors. Thanks for the kind words, and if Barbara sees them I am sure she will never let me forget them.

Maria Anna Machado 12 Jul 2010

fantastic work...

jamie winter 12 Jul 2010

incredible work. amazing detail