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Walk on Water

Obama walking on water cartoon


Anonymous Guest (IP: 28 Jun 2010

Your work is just great. I am going to spread the word. Keep it up.

Artist Reply: Thank you! Very appreciated.

Anonymous Guest (IP: 10 Jun 2010

DIDN'T YOU GUYS STEAL THE LAND WHERE YOU LIVE? FROM THE NATIVES...put them in reservation camps you guys are a joke....then took blacks as slaves to build your maybe that's why you all can't stand to have this President....but we adore him all over the world.....take that

Artist Reply: I never hurt a native or owned a slave. Infact I am 1/4 native. I do know the repubilcans freed the slaves, and that was before the radical leftist from Europe came here.

Anonymous Guest (IP: 31 May 2010

I was introduced to your art for the first time today. I'm going to do my part to help spread your "comics" across America! Every American needs to see these everyday, maybe some of them will wake up!

Artist Reply: That would be very appreciated my friend!

Ai Shan 18 Apr 2010

Hahaha great work!

Artist Reply: Thank you Ai.