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Cappuccino Maker

Well, this isn't my usual subject matter, but a piece I had prepared for my college entrance portfolio. It's my husband's cappuccino maker and I'm glad he didn't miss it for the two weeks it sat on a kitchen chair at the back of our dining room. It's rendered in Conte on black Mayfair paper and is 20x26". There's actually more the drawing, but I was thinking of cropping it down physically to be a close up - I included a lot of unnecessary background. Why did I do this for my college portfolio? Well, my drawings from Drawing 110 are too old. One of the projects we did was drawing a shiny, well lit object. Mine wasn't so great then. This is positively awesome! You can also see me reflected in the coffee pot at the bottom btw.

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Anonymous Guest (IP: 01 Mar 2010

Crazy! Awesome!