Blankiska x Mini Curiche

Two fashion girls inspired by two of my cats ^___^ They are very lovely and thin!!! XD I love them ^^


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Carolina Tyran 16 Nov 2010

What a great pose! You have a perfect sense of human propotion!

Artist Reply: Thank you ^^ Even when these girls in special are very "inhuman" hahaha ^^U (so thin :P)

Kukua Akumanyi 08 Mar 2010

Oh, how cool! I love the feet positions.....

Artist Reply: Thank you, Kukua ^^ Those are hard to draw (and I don't think I got it yet :P)

Kirby 03 Feb 2010

Super cute!! I havent been online in a while thought I should come see my faves for new stuff, oh yes you are one of my faves for sure, I love your work!!

Artist Reply: Thank you! You're so sweet ^_^ You can see a picture of my cats at my blog :P