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Just Wants to Be

Partly inspUntil spring comes along, this is going to be the best picture I get of this recent acrylic painting. It's inspired partly by some of Franz Marc's colour theories - yellow stood for the feminine - and the rays of destructive energy in one of his final paintings, Fate of the Animals (I wrote a college essay on this painting - it's about Marc's anxieties leading up to WWI). For me it's more a representation of my personal anxieties - there are so many of them and they seem to come from all directions. They're almost unescapable at times, yet, just like the actual beams don't touch the horse, a lot of them are not as truly bad as I think them to be. They're enough to instill panic though. I wish everyone could see this painting up close - there were lots of colour solving problems that I dealt with in making this painting (yellow is really hard to paint around) and the grey and oranges are close enough in value that they actually seem to vibrate.ired by some of Franz

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