quinqui network v.1

this is the layout for the first edition of my network ^_^ the girl's been made by me, as usual ^_~. Colored using PhotoImpact. Visit my network at http://quinqui.cjb.net =D


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Kukua Akumanyi 05 Jul 2008

I agree with Emily this is very pretty.

Emily Reed 05 Oct 2005

It is so nice and pretty.

tim linville 06 Sep 2004

Great tie-in to AW!

Thom Roslan 19 May 2004

Nicely laid out. like the overall concept of the image + the contemplative girl style!

Peter Simeti 19 May 2004

interesting use of incorporating a top ten club symbol...lol is there a prize for that?

Artist Reply: ToT I took the screencap just on those days.... it was coincidence +___+