Hypno Slipper

Long viewings of this image have been known to cause brain waves to mellow out and for the most part stabilze, increase blood flow,and what could be understood in computer terms as, a Defrag of the brain.If you look at this image again in the future you may not remember this viewing.


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Andree Lerat 03 Sep 2004

well, i have picked the right image to look at. my brain need defraging. it is an amazing image and will come back to view it and see if i remember seeing it. right now i think it is just beautiful and very calming.

Arielle Moscovitch 15 May 2004

this is really metatative

Pat Abbott 12 May 2004

Pretty and I like the soft colors.

H Lee 11 May 2004

Pretty cool. I like the color combo.

BA. Davison 11 May 2004

feels like easter