The Deconstruction of Time

The DeConstruction of Time Patricia Lynn Bowman Kingsley God outside of time. The beginning and the end, the Alpha and Omega, The firstborn from among the dead. The God who reverses curses. The One who forgives and restores, “just-as-if” there had been no sin, who forgives “just-as-if” there had been no offense because the Father administers the Justice of the Cross to us ~ the result of which is to regard us and to treat us as worthy of Salvation. We live with memory ~ if only we could realize that once God has restored all that the canker worm and locust have eaten, that He has re-set the clock ~ the Lord God Almighty has required the sequence and chronology of time to bow before His power, He has released the Grace of the Cross of Jesus Christ to us. The Kairos time of God resets the Chronological sequencing of sin. Every knee will bow before Him, every idol will be stripped of its power; even the constraining, ruling, overarching reach of time. The power to re-set family systems is in His hand The power to re-set the foundations of organizations and Nations is in His hand. Whatever circumstance you are in - Imagine with me what life was like before you received the crushing blow that has caused you to walk with a limp your entire life. Imagine time before the doctor said “it’s cancerous” or “you have three months left”. Before the psychologist said, “you will have to learn how to forgive, you have exhausted the court system – there is no other power on earth to appeal your case to”. You know that your only justice is now before the throne of God, but you have been locked into time and space – But God. When I created The Deconstruction of Time, it was in a prayerful worship act at the Durham House of Prayer and all that rang through my head as I smashed the original timepiece as we worshipped and prayed was ~ “FREEDOM”, freedom, freedom. I sang it, I shouted it, I prayed it over every victim in our region and over every perpetrator who if they had a second chance to push back the clock to the first time they sinned – they might choose differently. The beauty is, the truth is, that in Christ Jesus our Lord and through His blood we have that second opportunity, the opportunity to born anew and to undo the vestiges of time. Be encouraged ~ as I reassembled this clock into a sculpture wherein the second hand simply spins at the top with a feather, reminding us in a very whimsical way that even time is subject to His authority, I know that for every grandparent who is still seeking God ~seeking healing for themselves and others, they are releasing forgiveness across multi-generational lines – they are taking the invisible weights out of their children and their children’s children and their children’s children’s children’s backpacks. The repentant prayer of one grandparent’s for historic sin will release many. The repentance of organizational and community leaders will release multitudes. When a child is born into this earth they are born with an invisible backpack overflowing with the blessings of a thousand generations yet also weighed down by the unrepentant sins of the generations before them. Why, would we not remove the invisible weights that cause them to learn how to walk crooked – when He can make their paths straight through our obedience, when they will be released to a greater measure of God’s will, God’s purposes and God’s presence, if we will but turn and continue to repent and walk with clean hearts. ¬________________________________________________________ For reference purposes, I found this quote after I had constructed the timepiece referenced in these notes as well as my explanation, yet thought it was quite apropos. “Kairos time is the moment, of undetermined length, in which the eternal (God) breaks into the temporal (the universe), shattering and transforming it, and prepares the temporal to receive the eternal. It is in this moment in which the conditional cancels itself out and makes itself the instrument of the unconditional.”† † Notes from a talk given by Fr. Ken Kulinski at an RCIA class as recorded by CowPi in October 2003 ________________________________________________________ copyright patty kingsley including the generalized idea

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