~*~ Heaven's Tears ~*~

On a flight back to the kingdom within, the kingdom of peace, of, love, of beauty, the kingdom of Heaven, she sheds tears for all the pain she has seen, for all the love that is lost, for all tears that we cry...... She leaves a sparkling trail of angel's dust to fall back down to earth, maybe they will reach our hearts, touch our souls, and let us find the Love that is inside us, the beauty of all that is.....reach deep inside, find your kingdom of love and light, Your Kingdom of Heaven.... Shed no more tears, but those of love and for love... Peace Always, Leah? *An older piece, revisted, revised and re-compiled in PhotoShop :)

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Tim Linville 28 Jan 2014

I Miss Seeing Your Dediction to Detail,and Your Writing Skills.You were the First to Embed Videos too,which I am Now Hooked On.There's Alot About AW in Your Art,Leah.When I Remember the Ten Hardest Working AW Artists,Your Face is There.I Remember Your Days of Holding the Attention of Your Audience.I can't Wait Til You Throw That Fire Again :)

Steve Farr 17 Oct 2009

I Luv the colors here!! Great imagery!!~S

monique cooper 05 Oct 2009

Ohhh pretty stunning purple!!!.. Excellent work!!!

Renata Cavanaugh 01 Oct 2009

It looks amazing Leah!

Stephanie Williams 01 Oct 2009

Oooh! I remember this one the way it was before. It was lovely then, but it's just exquisite now! Purple is my favorite color!