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Mother Teresa's Guest

The most prolific ballpoint pen artist, publisher, video producer and information provider on the Web is Jerry Stith. He’s currently publishing 800 ballpoint pen artists, 5,440 ink drawings, 153 video plus 70 pictures of different colored ballpoint pen, refills or packages for your enjoyment. Mr. Stith is also the founder of an American folk art program called, Ball Point Pen Art that is introducing what a ballpoint pen can do as an art medium! Jerry Stith is also archiving, recording, documenting or producing Ball Point Pen Art history to more than one billion people worldwide via the World Wide Web. Before that he invented the domain names, .com, .us and .org in order to introduce the largest undeveloped art movement in history. Five years ago the Bic Pen Company stated that they sold one hundred billion ballpoint pens. Needless to say that’s a lot of pens plus only represents one company or manufactory. Mr. Stith is the only person interested in advancing the Ball Point Pen Art movement plus promoting eight hundred other artists worldwide therefore let history indicate that he’s the leader of that art movement. Let the facts stand for the truth to all those “Johnnie come lately” people absorbed in themselves. Hopefully everyone enjoys his art, styles, colors, half tones, long flowing lines and dedication. Everything Jerry Stith has done was as a labor of love and dedicated to Father God Almighty, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit, amen. Historically, Gary Stith


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Mike Jeffries 14 Apr 2010

Very good work Jerry it's like the work of a young guy on deviantart called ~black-ronin whose subject matter is railways and who also uses ballpoint and his effects are really good. I think I'll stick to oils though which is a medium probably more suited to my nature to express my love of my subject matter and it's a little late to change now. Regards Mike

Elton Houck 22 Sep 2009


KC CHANG 22 Sep 2009


Anonymous Guest (IP: 22 Sep 2009

how wonderful is the hand that shares the light and love of Christ, God Bless your heart and soul and mind with the gifts of heaven eternally, Love Christine Brand

Anonymous Guest (IP: 22 Sep 2009

Powerful drawing, well done!!!!