The contrast

Name and surname: Sara Lerota Title of the work: The contrast Year of creation: 2009. Technique: pastel on paper This painting represents an optimistic view to the future that grows from not so positive present time and past. Utopian view to the world leads us into thinking about the possibilities of overcoming the problems of today´s mankind and aspiring to something better, more beautiful and more positive. In this particular painting, the orchid grows out of completely dry, rifty and infertile soil which is a paradox of its own kind. That paradox is a presentation of today´s modern society which, in spite of all the negative characteristics and obvious dystopia, still gives us works of art which can bring a flash of hope into a complicated reality of today´s world. The contrast which is being made by opposing the infertile ground and the gentle orchid is the same contrast which exists between utopia and dystopia.


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Gaby Moncada 20 Sep 2009


Artist Reply: Thx, Gaby!:)

Beatrix Jahn 20 Sep 2009

Lovely work!

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Beatrix!:)