Midnight sun

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Carrie Barden 20 Oct 2004

Thank you so much for your kind remarks & taking the time to do so. I am just begining to learn about the digital world, always used the good ol' standard hardware. Especially with this sight I've seen some pretty incredible things done with digital hard and software. Incredible being the key word, not necessarily truly creative from within and through the vessels known as artists. Your work strikes me as being amongst the later. I really enjoy being drawn into many of your pieces here. Please do keep it up:)

Solar Ic3 14 Sep 2004

fire! great image Tina! Love it!

Vicky Tico 10 Sep 2004

wow!! this one is really awesome!!!! great colors, nice effect on the water!!!

Tina Day 28 May 2004

Lovely effects and the lighting is superb.Have'nt a clue about comp/digital.but this is really good(better than good).

Don Ross 22 May 2004

I like this one,awesome contrast with the lights and darks,amazing feel,powerful..*and thanks for the comment on my drawing :)*