Greetings to Da Vinci

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M Smith 08 Jun 2011


X-Chel 03 Jul 2010

This is a perfect "pastiche" of Leonardo da VinciĀ“s work (especially reminiscent of his "Madonna of the rocks"). You have synthesized all the key elements of his art and this painting looks as if it could have been painted by one of his followers/apprentices (one of his better ones, that is). The only hint I can give you, on this otherwise perfect piece, is that it could use some more "sfumato"...On an ending note I have to state that her face/head is absolutely beautifully rendered with the "soul" shining through in the da Vinci mode!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 08 May 2008

aww he would definetely have something nice to say bout your greetings:) very nice nilgun wtg, sarah tucker

Dan Mark 24 Jan 2007

I always say that women paint their emotions. This is just great! And I like Da Vinci background. :)

Arlene Ehleben 26 Oct 2006

Beautiful lovely!