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I Will Be Your Shield

Illustration for the Fanes saga: "... during a battle against the Duranns, their prince Ey de Net was so hit by the Princess' beauty that he refused to fight further and submitted to her by offering her his shield and the Rajeta, a precious gem he had recently won from the evil wizard Spina de Mul. The Rajeta was encastoned in Dolasilla's circlet and Ey de Net, in order to remain always near his princess, and to protect her, become Dolasilla's squire. The shield was infact so heavy no one but him could lift it." Gouach on paper. 30]42 cm.

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Anonymous Guest (IP:

Anonymous Guest (IP: 21 Oct 2014

...all the comments below, and I have to say that the storyline is wildly fascinating and exotic, to say the least! Great Alpine scenery and vibrant colors - well done! Sorry to comment as an Anonymous Guest, but I slanted onto the "Submit"-button, before I was finished writing my stuff! Courtesy of X-Chel

X-Chel 21 Oct 2014

Totally agree with a

Sherri B 05 Jun 2010

that's awesome! And he's a handsome guy, btw!

Emily Reed 23 Jul 2009

Excellent art!!

Sharon Gonzalez 22 Jul 2009