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The Farewell

One more illustration for the fanes saga: ...As time passed love grew between the two youngs and with love Dolasilla started to feel dislike for weapons and battlefields and an urge to settle down... But her father, the King, didn't want to lose his mightiest warrior for such a stupid thing like love and managed to send Ey de Net to a far away country. Then, to win back Dolasilla's interest for war he asked the dwarves to build her a new armour. It was covered with white marmot fur and when wearing it the Princess was almost invulnerable. But since a marmot had been killed for it, the armour was cursed: if the fur had turned red Dolasilla was not to fight, since that would have meant her death! Gouache on paper. 30*42 cm

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Anonymous Guest (IP:

Sherri B 05 Jun 2010

awww! beautiful!

Linzi Sayles 18 Jul 2009

awesome! I just love the background with teh mountains and that stunning moon!

Maureen Bloesch 15 Jul 2009

lovely work!

Anneke Hut 14 Jul 2009

Lovely painting with great atmosphere!

Greg Vilton 14 Jul 2009

Absolutely wonderful! Love the composition, the colour scheme, the lighting... everything!