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Preparing to fight

Another version of the fight between Ey de Net and Spina de Mul.


Anonymous Guest (IP:

Maureen Bloesch 14 Jul 2009

lovely work!

Greg Vilton 13 Jul 2009

Beautifully painted!

LouAnn Knight 12 Jul 2009

Methinks he needs a jackets.... or SOMETHING! Brrrr.. Young is one thing but THAT"S SNOW OUT THERE!!! Cool picture. Nice work!!!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 12 Jul 2009

Cristina! Mart here... hey hey looking good. I likes it...wait what am I Yes, I do and the colors are ok in this photo you took...can't even tell it was a photo. That's really neat. Anyway the colors are all true to each other and makes it a bright landscape. I bet it's really cold there...Love the dino skeleton in the that is a treat!

Anneke Hut 12 Jul 2009

It's truly beautiful, Cristina.