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Bruce Combs 17 Jul 2009

She seems to be the same model in STRIPE (I meant to ask you about that title -- I couldn't see any reason for it so I thought it must be the model's name. So, we have a woman with the spotlight earring again -- just the opposite of Vermeer's pearl earring which I think most people would totally miss if that were not the title. Only in these two, instead of a young girl frightened, or timid and shy, or already harmed in some way, here in both these we have very self-assured, women. The poses are great. How did you get the hair to stay that way? Well, Leny, I have skimmed back and forth through your works several times and will come back to look at the more leisurely. I like and/or find interesting most all of them, and the variety is wonderfully intersting. I suspect that you have very carefully chosen what you have posted here from a lot more. Thank you for now, and I'll be seeing you in your art again before too long. Oh, and thank you for the encouraging notes you have left for me. Peace, etc., Bruce

Anna Marie Fritz 10 Jul 2009

Most certainly "glamour," Leny!!!

Jan van Baarle 09 Jul 2009

Wat een plaatje!! Goed gedaan Leny!

Miguel Moraes 08 Jul 2009

Very beautiful!

Sharon Gonzalez 08 Jul 2009