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~**Year of the Dragon**~

So tomorrow June 24th is my brother's 21st awesome is that ;) Soooo this year I wanted to do something special, and this is what I came up with...I am very happy with this guy, he is rockin', do I see a future tattoo?!...and what makes this even more special is my brother was born in the year of the Dragon on the Chinese calender ;) So Kev, you gotta know that You are the best brother and friend that I could ever get, I love you Man!!! Peace!! ~Leah~ This is pencil on Bristol board paper....And oh ya I have some fun plans for this bad boy in Photoshop!

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Maurizio Miele 26 Feb 2013

great work !

tim linville 08 Dec 2010

It would make a Beautiful Tattoo.Very nice flow!

stephen smith 30 Dec 2009

this is pretty cool. think i know a few people that might like this as a tattoo too. i like your details in the scales and everything else. look forward to what you got in mind for photo shop.

Igor Mugerza 19 Jul 2009

Sorry Leah! maybe too late, but I'd like to send congratulations for your bro, You keep up your fine work with pencils! I can see "the Great Snake" of Earth in that Piece!

Janet Gioffre Harrington 06 Jul 2009

very cool. HEY GOIL WHUSSSSSUP? Sure don't come around here too much anymore, huh? I like facebook better. This would be a nice the face!!