Sonya Belmont

I made this one for the Castlevania Spain website drawing contest ^_^ (which ends this 15th oO!) I haven't send it yet, because I may give it some digital background before... I don't know ^.^UUU

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Keyon Jones 27 Dec 2008

great job here

annette steens 10 Jul 2007

wowie...... this is super!! what a movement!

Artist Reply: Thanka ya! I love making movement bodies, I think that gives them more life ^.^

Visionary Imagist 02 Jul 2007

whimsically beautiful!! great movement and color!!

Kukua Akumanyi 19 Jun 2007

Very beautiful. Great tones and shading....So did she help you win the Castlevania Ccomp?

Artist Reply: In fact the contest was cancelled xD hahaha... Anyway, I love it :P Thanks for your comments ^^

Rebecca Tan 08 Apr 2006

The colouring is awesome!!!