Shelter from the Storm

“God is my refuge and God is my strength, a very present help in trouble.” God provides what we need to live through the most difficult trials. There are times when life asks more of us then we planned to give and circumstances take more from us than we have. This family is emerging from overwhelming darkness. When we are thick in it, we cannot even see a pathway for our feet. Yet from the Shelter House comes a gold line that runs right through the darkness, and even though you lose sight of it under the shadow of life, you can always feel it there. It is the rope that the Holy Spirit runs through each of our hearts and lives. If we will grab hold of the rope we will find our way in the storm, to a place of shelter. It is not unlike the “lifeline” that farmers used to tie from their house to their barn so that when they had to go out in the “storm” they could find their way back to safety. Simply put ~ God is our “Hope on a Rope”. We all need a line, and I invite you to let the Holy Spirit drop one in your life today.

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Julian Baslyk 14 Aug 2009

God is great!! good work!!